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Kindness is our North Star.


Our principles for delivering positive impact in a complex world


Be scientific as a community
in protecting safety through established systems of evidence, and visionary in creating new paradigms of health and well-being by challenging the status quo.

Be trustworthy as a community by defending privacy, and creating the opportunity for every individual to contribute to the science that will make a better world.

Be accountable to our stakeholders by being transparent and evaluable, and recognising our own limitations.

Be prepared for a world which is constantly changing by being responsive, flexible, and guided by firm values.

Be supportive and amplify existing relationships, recognising that no care delivery model is perfect, and no single technology can solve every problem.

Responsibilities to our stakeholders

Kindness for our community of users by enabling compassionate and empathetic care to be delivered by local doctors and care providers, standing on the shoulders of the world’s most advanced approaches to health and well-being. 

 Kindness for our colleagues by creating conditions that enable each individual to flourish at work and in their personal lives.

Kindness for health and social care systems that are almost always under strain.

Kindness for our supporters and those who have put resources into Nye who help to make our mission possible.