Appointments with your clinician, from anywhere

Nye lets you receive a telephone or video call from your doctor. No more travel, no more waiting rooms, just healthcare made simple.

How Nye works for patients


Make an appointment 

with your healthcare service


You can’t book directly through Nye so make sure to arrange your appointment first.


Download the app

Signing up ony takes a couple of minutes.


Receive a call


You will receive a phone or video call at the time of your pre-arranged appointment with your healthcare clinician.

Why Nye

Our app makes video consultations safer and easier for clinicans. Which means better consultations for you!

Received an invite?

If you have been invited to Nye by your clinician then you can download our patient smartphone app now, to receive a call at the time of your pre-arranged appointment.

(If you don't have the app, your clinician can still call you using Nye, on any mobile or landline, but it will be voice only)

Want updates from Nye?

We have some exciting new features for patients coming up soon. If you would like to be the first to hear about these or to be a beta tester then sign up for updates

Nye in the news 

Find out how Nye is being used to help patients and healthcare services.

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