COVID Vaccine Passport

Unleashing hospitality 

Launching March 2021

We've been beavering away building everything you need as a gym, restaurant, events venue, stadium or bar owner to check and log the vaccination status or test status of your customers.


So they can have fun.

Everyone can stay safe. 

And you can be covered*.

We all want to get back to our lives

And you all want to get back to business

But you need to check whether people have had a recent test or have already had the vaccine

The problem is that checking someone's identify is easy 

Checking test results or vaccine status is much more complicated

So we did both 🙃 way! How did you do that?

We are a healthcare technology company.

Not a gym, or a night club, airport or a concert venue. 

So it's what we do.

And we want to help you to get back what you do to.

Great question

How does it work?

Step 1: You ask your customers to download the Nye App when or before they arrive at the venue if they haven't already.

Frame 57.png
iPhone 11 Pro@2x.png

Step 2: They link to their medical record.



We take care of that.

And then do they share their medical record?

Don't be ridiculous!

Step 3: We generate a time limited QR that ties their vaccination or test status to their identity.

Frame 67.png

Step 4: Your staff take their own device, open up the camera, scan the QR code and get taken to thepassport page on the Nye website.

Frame 64.png

Step 5: They check their ID matches their COVID status on the Nye website.

Frame 68.png

Step 6: Party, dine, and shop until your hearts content.

Pretty simple hey. We thought so too. 🤓


And we thought it would be pretty cool if you change the world too.


So we've made it easy for people to share that they have had the vaccine. 

And tag your venue too. 🥳

Reducing vaccine hesitancy one concert at a time.

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