At Nye, we believe that technology will transform human health most potently simply by creating the conditions which unleash the kindness of citizens, healthcare workers, innovators, communities, and our society at large.

So, we’re on a mission to build the kindest community on earth.

Why do we think kindness is so important for health?

It is the kindness extended to us by our friends, our family and our communities that creates the conditions for healthy lives and for speedy recovery.

It is kindness that inspires our scientists to make the great leaps forward in human health.

It is kindness that drives a caring nurse or an overstretched doctor to listen deeply and understand the root causes of our ill-health when the clock is stacked against them.

It is kindness to ourselves that enables us to sustain our physical and mental health through the challenges that we all inevitably face.

And it is kindness that drives our society to create healthcare systems that are made available to all of their citizens.

 A few footnotes on how we think about Kindness


We believe kindness

  • is powerful. 

  • is not meek. 

  • is not devoid of grit. 

  • is not devoid of scientific rigour. 

  • changes the world. 

  • is the most powerful tool for changing the world.

  • makes everything more beautiful.