The Nye Phone

Supporting the Nation's patients to stay safe away from GP Practices

GP at the Practice

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The Nye Phone

It's just a simple little phone that sits on your doctors desktop and lets them telephone patients without needing to pick up a phone.


Oh......and it was built by actual rocket scientists.

"The Nye Phone is one of a small number of apps that actually makes my day easier."

Senior Partner
and GP
Practice Manager

"Our GPs shared that in their duty doctor sessions the Nye phone makes things so much easier and quicker and freeing up both hands to type makes a huge difference!"

The Nye Phone is a just wee phone that sits on your computer. 

Hear from our users 👂🏽👂🏽👂🏽

"I sometimes use the Nye Phone 100 times a day. I'd hate to go back to using a regular telephone!"

Advanced Nurse Practitioner 

The Nye Phone

Enabling the Nation's GPs & Nurse to Work from Home

"Our practice is one of the largest in the South East and we do a lot of telephone calls. Now that I use the Nye Phone, it feels like I can sail through my list"

 Advanced Nurse Practitioner


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