For health information and advice, read NHS pages on Coronavirus (COVID-19). Learn about the government response on GOV.UK

We know remote consultations aren't the whole solution, but it's an important component as:

  • It keeps patients safe by keeping them away from high-risk areas, and away from vulnerable people

  • Doctors, nurses, receptionists  are kept safer by  reducing the likelihood of contact, or when things get really tough, run clinics from their own home

In light of recent coronavirus events, please do not hesitate to get in touch if your practice needs remote consultations right now. We'd love to help, and this is where we feel we can do our bit. 


"I'm using the app a lot now. I’m at home as I have a son with a cough so it was a lifesaver today"


To help flatten the curve, and slow the spread of the coronavirus, the government has encouraged the NHS to take a digital-first approach to accessing primary care and outpatient appointments. 


We re-deployed our team of defence engineers, cybersecurity experts, doctors, data scientists, and designers to build an NHS-complaint and globally-scalable browser-based telephone and video phone system, which you can use right now, for free, with any NHS email address. Yussss!

Nye X Foundry COVID-19 Command Centre​

Some people will have employers that will encourage them to work remotely during this period.

Not everyone has this choice, be it for health reasons, caring responsibilities or merely the nature of their job. 

We are working full pelt at Nye in light of the coronavirus pandemic, things have ramped up quite a bit!

We are thrilled to be partnering with the Oxford Foundry, the University of Oxford's Entrepreneurship Centre in the takeover of their space. This will allow our team to grow, have the space to spin up groups of helpers, clinicians, engineers, designers and policy specialists during this period of rapid growth and exponentially increasing need. 

We'll probably be bathing in hand-sanitiser... just in case [this is not a genuine public health precaution...]

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