Nye Research

Clinical trials made simple.

A communications platform for researchers and participants that makes it easier to set up and run decentralised clinical trials.


Simplifying remote participant communication

The Nye Phone is a secure remote calling tool that lets you telephone or video call your participants on any device, from anywhere.

Whether you are starting a trial from scratch or need to move your trial online, due to the COVID pandemic, Nye makes virtual participation simple.

Screen, Follow Up & Monitor

Putting participation in the patient’s palm.

Through the Nye app, participants can view their primary care record whenever they want, relay that information to whomever they wish and virtually attend trial visits from wherever they are.

Any participant on your trial can do this, simply by downloading the Nye Health app and linking their medical record to their Nye Health Timeline.

Across the country, Nye Research is supporting trial teams. Read about how it's being used in by Oxford Covid Vaccine Trial, in The Telegraph 

Delivering a clinical trial on time and to target is challenging. We've

made it simple to communicate with your participants remotely and collect follow up data from your study participants, in real time. 


Save time, save money and improve participant experience with Nye Research.