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Nye joins up your healthcare history with your health future and the future health of your fellow humans globally.


It's your health record. 

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Access your health record

In your Nye Timeline you can access your healthcare record for free whenever you need it so you're always in control.


Check important details and dates

Review your vaccination status

Keep track of advice from your healthcare professional


Discuss your health record

Have informed conversations with your healthcare professionals and understand the choices you have.


Telephone and video calling are even built into the app so you can attend those conversations wherever and whenever you need to.

Nye is partnered with world-leading clinical research teams. Find out more about how you can be a part of their life-changing work.

Visiting your GP or specialist

If you need medical care whilst travelling

Chatting with family or loved ones

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Share your health record

You're always in control of your record and can choose if and when to share it. Nye supports you to easily share it when you do choose to:


Taking part in a clinical trial 


Protect your health record

However you choose to use your Timeline, you're always in control.


We work with the NHS to make sure your data is always in safe hands. We've been confirmed by NHS Digital as compliant to NHS Data Security and Protection Toolkit  Security standards. 

Find out more about how we keep your data safe here


Let's get started

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1. Download the app

Open your phone camera and point at the QR code for 2 seconds.

Use your NHS Login or your GP practice linkage keys to link your record.


Need a hand requesting access to your GP medical record? - we have some handy resources on our support page.

If you're on a mobile, simply tap the button to head over to the Apple app store. 

2. Link your record

The Nye app is free to use


Clinical Researcher?

Nye Health empowers individuals by putting them in control of their health data. With Nye, you can give your participants this power.


Get in touch to find out how.